The enhanced version of XnView for all platforms
Version 0.71 (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux)

XnViewMP is the enhanced version to XnView. It is a powerful cross-platform media browser, viewer and converter. Compatible with more than 500 formats.


Unrivaled Compatibility

XnViewMP supports more than 500 image formats (including Multipage and animated still formats APNG, TIFF, GIF, ICO, etc..) and export to about 70 different file formats.

Batch Conversion

XnViewMP comes with an easy to use yet powerful batch conversion module. This same module also powers XnConvert

And much more...

Virtually all of standard XnView's much loved features have been preserved in XnViewMP and many features have actually been tweaked and enhanced.

Compared to XnView

Optimized Performance

Considerable improvements have been made in terms of performance (speed-optimized loading, improved caching, multi-core processing, 64bits version, etc...)


Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are now supported in both 32 and 64 bit versions

World-Wide compatible

XnViewMP finally offers Unicode support. Enhanced translations for many languages as well as a brand new and convenient modular interface.

OS X here

Linux here

If you intend to use XnView in a company, you must purchase a license.

N° of licensesPrice per license
126.00 €
2-9 23.00 €
10-1920.00 €
20-4917.00 €
50-999.50 €
100-4996.00 €
500-9993.80 €
More than 10003.50 €
Purchase license @Kolor.com

Download XnViewMP 0.71 :

Donate XnViewMP is provided as FREEWARE (NO Adware, NO Spyware) for private or educational use (including non-profit organizations).
If you enjoy using XnviewMP, feel free to help the developer with a small donation.


Installer for Windows:

Setup Win 32bit Setup Win 64bit

or just download the zipped program folder

Zip Win 32bit Zip Win 64bit


Download the application

OSX 64bit

XnViewMP most recent changes

Details on forum

  • Slow refresh/move
  • Delete file is slow
  • folder name & custom label - more info
  • PCD setting - more info
  • Sort by comment must use description too - more info
  • shortcut not displayed after a refresh - more info
  • background visible for empty information text - more info
  • hide menu bar in xnview.ini General/hideMenuBar - more info
  • ICO/GIF 1 bit & transparency - more info
  • original quality & subsampling information - more info
  • Previous picture shown after delete - more info
  • ESC to quit - more info
  • Thumbnails refresh & 'create whole folder' not checked - more info
  • double clicking in folder tree open subfolder - more info
  • custom order not kept after settings dialog - more info
  • low resolution icon on windows - more info
  • ICC problem - more info
  • Items count in status bar - more info
  • folder with default icon after drag&drop - more info
  • no 'create thumb for whole folder' & new files - more info
  • JPEG arithmetic decoding support - more info
  • Reset XY - more info
  • focus on list at startup - more info
  • invert orientation of selection - more info
  • folder's thumbnail & EXIF orientation - more info
  • Import keywords problem - more info
  • XMP-photoshop:Location not more written - more info
  • 8bf 64bits plugin can be used with XnViewMP 64bits version - more info
  • Shift+Del on windows - more info
  • Next/prev & video file - more info
  • Remove from category/Remove from all categories
  • double click & video - more info
  • Max view tabs - more info
  • RegExp in Search - more info
  • floating dock widget & fullscreen - more info
  • remember item selection in information panel - more info
  • Histogram doesn't fit width in compare dialog
  • Batch convert: Watermark, stretch image - more info
  • Rating not readed by windows explorer

Details on forum

  • PNG crash
  • some crash
  • minor bugs fixed

Details on forum

  • File association
  • IPTC default encoding problem - more info
  • Capture crash - more info
  • Batch convert: hope, pop, photo bar, thermal, xray, mars, night vision effect added
  • Print
  • Windows Shortcut files (.lnk) support
  • 'Iconify' tabs feature
  • "Compare" tool, crash bug fixed
  • Menu icons for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Sorted order for icon file's pages (ico, icns, rsrc)
  • "Ctrl+W" shortcut now closes a tab
  • Option to disable fullscreen floating views
  • Right-click on tab bar for "Tab settings..."
  • gamma not restored correctly - more info
  • Properties tab show now useful information of camera such lensID
  • LensID is available as {META:LensID} - more info
  • Change timestamp - more info
  • Batch convert: step for gamma - more info
  • Batch convert: retro effects, saturation, bloom, pointillize
  • Batch convert & rotate - more infohttp://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 7&p=101135
  • Batch convert & crop - more info
  • Batch convert: output size for placeholder - more info
  • mix files & folders setting
  • Next/Previous don't work after saving a screenshot
  • Batch rename: If problem, filename not restored correctly - more info
  • Save dialog when close changed view tab
  • 'Single view for multiple files' setting
  • Drag&Drop on filelist in Batch rename
  • 'empty tab' is closed if not used - more info
  • uncertain exif date - more info
  • Edit IPTC reset time - more info
  • you can exlude a category by pressing ALT - more info
  • on windows, monitor profile can be used - more info
  • On Windows, unknown file use high resolution icon - more info
  • Paste image pathname in browser doesn't open file
  • autocomplete path - more info
  • 'Add to favourites' crash - more info
  • Fullscreen & spotlight - more info
  • When 'create whole folder' disabled, create thumbnails for some next rows - more info
  • Shortcut for 'Open with' not active after adding a program
  • Thumbnail creation & filter - more info
  • AutoPlay for video - more info
  • Lossless rotation must change EXIF image width/length - more info
  • rating + label color icon in view mode - more info
  • rebuild thumbnails on folder - more infohttp://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 3&p=101077
  • Lossless rotation + crop in view mode - more info
  • Zoom & selection - more info
  • Session saved - more info
  • [General]/allInTab to always open About or convert dialog as a tab
  • Configuration wizard - more info
  • 'Include cursor' for capture (windows only) - more info
  • single click to rename - more info
  • spotlight greyed - more info
  • page number added & # - more info
  • [View]/highlightSelection setting for highlight selection in view mode
  • Show now non supported IPTC tags - more info
  • Compare: CTRL key can be used to zoom/mode only on current view
  • WebP filesize settings - more info
  • RAW load settings
  • Batch convert: preview not always updated - more info
  • IPTC keywords can be added with commas or semicolons - more info
  • ICNS 1024x1024 support - more info
  • Synchronize browser - more info
  • Search image by ratio - more info
  • Reset EXIF orientation
  • Information displayed not wrapped - more info
  • Open selected files - more info
  • Next/Prev slow - more infohttp://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 79#p100540
  • Batch convert: multipage & log - more info
  • IPTC dialog use full resolution picture - more info
  • Better management for Toolbar&Shortcut settings file
  • Settings for database folder - more info
  • 'Move to' crash - more info
  • Del key in view mode remove selection or delete file - more info
  • Double click tab setting - more info
  • Icon snapshot - more info
  • icon snapshot crash - more info
  • crash when updating iptc - more info
  • Delete/Move file is slow
  • ICNS problem on win x64 - more info
  • XMP:Location not written - more info
  • Pan tools & animated gif - more info
  • mouse button 4&5 for navigation - more info
  • Batch convert/Add Text & 32bits picture
  • Terminology of rating - more info
  • Canvas resize, alpha from color dialog - more info
  • Tab width in pixels - more info
  • About in a tab (press shift) - more info
  • Batch convert, name of script is now label too - more info
  • View grid settings
  • Option>Interface>Max view tabs
  • Properties in view mode
  • Delay for tab icon - more info
  • default naming - more info
  • 4 thumbnails for video file
  • 'browse with' not available on drive (windows) - more info
  • Video playbar - more info
  • Video can't be played in fullscreen
  • Replace dialog with copy/move file
  • Crash if XMP/rating = -1 - more info
  • Option/Keyboard to be able to use arrow to scroll or next/prev - more info
  • Lock zoom problem - more info
  • Default save folder - more info
  • Start/Stop animation pressed - more info
  • 'count colors used', swap & extract channel added
  • copy to clipbaord menu added in view mode - more info
  • EXIF orientation - more info
  • JPEG compression for TIFF output
  • 'close other tabs' - more info
  • Adobe plugins added
  • Icon for tabs - more info
  • File's icon - more info
  • Similarity threshold - more info
  • Export not opened for 'import clipboard' image
  • Drag&drop added in option>Toolbar
  • Tools menu in view mode - more info
  • Change color depth - more info
  • Enhance 'Open with' - more info
  • Rename & delete new category - more info
  • APNG - more info
  • Some bugs - more info
  • Cancel settings dialog - more info
  • Cancel settings & thumbnail appearance - more info
  • hide title bar in view mode - more info
  • Rotate & orientation - more info
  • double slash - more info
  • GPS icon disappear - more info
  • Browser preview don't use wheel settings - more info
  • Thumbnails/'use filename' removed, 'Thumbnail + filename' added
  • GPS icon & GeoHack/GoogleEarth - more info
  • exif*.lng now in utf8 - more info
  • open more than 1 files into google earth - more info
  • BMP or PDF are saved in greyscale - more info
  • Annotation & Batch rename - more info
  • Batch rename & double click - more info
  • Scrollbar for info view tab - more info
  • Add program in viewer mode - more info
  • Export in view mode - more info
  • 8:3 filename - more info
  • negative values for watermark - more info
  • 'hide scrollbar' for view & fullscreen mode - more info
  • Selection bug - more info
  • Assign new category - more info
  • Freeze when updating category - more info
  • 'Open with' on Macosx - more info

Details on forum

Visit the forum

The XnViewMP forum is probably the best place to start interacting with other users and the developer.

Contact us

Send an email directly to the program developer.

3DS Max thumbnailmax
AAA logobpr
ACE textureace
ADEXimg, rle
AIM Grey Scaleima, im
AIPD imageaipd
AT&T Group 4att
AT&T multigenicn
AVHRR Imagesst
Ability Photopaint Imageapx
Accessg4, acc
Acorn Spriteacorn
AdTech perfectfaxadt
Adobe Illustratorai
Adobe PhotoParade (images)php
Adobe Photoshoppsd
Advanced Art Studioocp, art, pic
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Alias Image Filepix, als, alias
Alpha Microsystems BMPbmp
Amica Paintami, [b]
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Bio-Rad confocalpic
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Canon EOS-1D Mark II RAWcr2
Canon Navigator Faxcan
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Casio QV-10/100 Cameracam
Casio RAWbay, raw
Chinon ES-1000 digital cameracmt
Cisco IP Phonecip
Cloe Ray-Tracerclo, cloe
ColoRIXrix, sci, scx, sc?
CompuServe GIFgif, giff
Computer Eyes, Digital Visionce
ComputerEyes Rawce1, ce2
Contax RAWbay, raw
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Corel Draw Bitmap (preview)cdr
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Corel Flow (preview)bmf
Corel Metafile Exchange (preview)cmx
Corel PhotoPaint 6.0cpt
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CoverDesigner Template (images)nct
Creative PC-CAM RAWbay, raw
DBW Render
DIV Game Studio Mapmap
DIV Game Studio Multi Mapfpg
DKB Ray-Tracerdis
Dali Rawsd0, sd1, sd2
Degas & Degas Elitepi1, pc1, pi2, pc2, pi3, pc3, pi4, pi5, pi6
Deluxe Paint, Electronic Artslbm, ilbm
Dicomdcm, acr, dic, dicom, dc3
Digital F/Xtdim
Digital Research (GEM Paint)img
Direct Draw Surfacedds
Discorp CMP Imagecmp
DjVudjvu, djv, iw4
Doodle Ataridoo
Doodle C64dd
Doodle C64 (Compressed)jj
Dr Halocut
Draz Paintdrz
EA Sports FSHfsh
EPS Interchange Formatepi, ept
ERI-chan (Entis Rasterized Image)eri
ESM Software Pixpix
Egg Painttrp
Electric Imageei, eidi
Encapsulated Postscriptps, eps
Encapsulated Postscript(Preview)eps
Enhance Simplexesm
Enhanced Compressed Waveletecw
Epson RAWerf
Everex Everfaxefx, ef3
Explore (TDI) & Mayaiff, tdi
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Face Painterfpt
Fast Piecewise-constantpwc
Fax Group 3g3, fax
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Fenix Mapmap
Fenix Multi Mapfpg
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FlashPix Formatfpx
Flexible Image Transport Systemfts, fits, fit
Foculus RAWbay, raw
Fontasy Grafikbsg
Fremont Fax96f96
Fugawi Mapfx3
Fuji S2 RAWraf
Fun Painter IIfp2, fun
Fun Photorfpr
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Gfa Raytracesul
GigaPaint Hi-resgih
GigaPaint Multigig
Gimp Bitmapxcf
Gimp Brushgbr
Gimp Iconico
Gimp Patternpat
GoDot4bt, 4bit, clp
GunPaintgun, ifl
HD Photowdp, hdp
HDRIhdr, hdri
HP-48/49 GROBgro, grb
HP-49 OpenFiregro2, gro4
HPGL-2hp, hpg, hgl, plt, hpgl, hpgl2, gl2, prn, prt, spl
HSI Rawraw
Half-Life Modelmdl
Hasselblad RAW3fr
Hayes JTFaxjtf
Hemera Photo Imagehpi
Hemera Thumbshta
Heretic II MipMapm8
Hires C64hir, hbm
Homeworld Texturelif
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IBM Printer Page Segmentpse
IM5 (Visilog)im5
IMNET Imageimt
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Imacon/Hasselblad RAWfff
Image Capture Boardicb
Image Magick filemif, miff
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Image System (Hires)ish
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Image Systems RLC2 Graphicrlc
ImageLabb&w, b_w
ImagePro Sequenceseq
Imaging Faxg3n
Imaging Technologyimg
Img Software Setimg
InterPaint (Hires)iph
InterPaint (Multicolor)ipt
Intergraph Formatitg, cit, rle
Iris CTct
Iris Graphicsiris
J Wavelet Image Codecwic
JBIGjbg, bie, jbig
JFIF based filejb2
JPEG / JFIFjpg, jpeg, jif, jfif, J, jpe
JPEG 8BIM header (Mac)jpg, jpeg, jif, jfif, J, jpe
JPEG-2000 Code Streamjpc
JPEG-2000 JP2 File Formatjp2, j2k, jpx, jpf
Jeff's Image Formatjif
Jovian VIvi
Jpeg Network Graphicsjng
JustButtons animated bitmapbtn
Khoros Visualization Image filevif, viff, xv
KinuPix Skinthb
Kiss Celcel
Koala Paintkoa, kla
Koala Paint (Compressed)gg
Kodak Cineoncin
Kodak DC120 Digital Camerakdc
Kodak DC25 Camerak25
Kodak Photo CDpcd
Kodak Pro Digital RAWdcr
Kofax Group 4kfx
Kolor Raw Formatkro
Konica Camera Filekqp
LSS16lss, 16
LView Prolvp
Leaf RAWmos
Leica RAWbay, raw
Light Work Imagelwi
LucasFilm Formatlff
Lumena CELcel
LuraDocument Formatldf
LuraDocument.jpm Formatjpm
LuraWave Formatlwf
LuraWave JPEG-2000 Code Streamjpc
LuraWave JPEG-2000 Formatjp2, j2k, jpx, jpf
MAKIchan Graphicsmag
MGI Photosuite Project (images)pzp
MGR bitmapmgr
MRC (Medical Research Council)mrc
MTV Ray-Tracermtv
Mac Paintmac, mpnt, macp, pntg, pnt, paint
Mac iconicns
Macintosh Quickdraw/Pictpic, pict, pict2, pct
Mac OSX Resourcersc, rsrc
Maggi Hairstyles & Cosmeticsfff
Male MRIpd, t1, t2
Male Normal CTfre
Mamiya RAWmef
Marks Russel Filemrf
Maw-Ware Texturesmtx
Mayura Drawpdx
Megalux Framefrm
Micro Dynamics MARSpbt
Micro Illustrator Uncompressedmil
Micrografx Picture Publisher 4.0pp4
Micrografx Picture Publisher 5.0pp5
Micron RAWbay, raw
Microsoft Image Composermic
Microsoft Paintmsp
Microtek Eyestarimg
Mindjongg Formatipg
Minolta DiMAGE RAWmrw
Mobile FAXrfa
Msx 2 Screensc2
Multiple Network Graphicsmng
NCR Imagencr
NIST ihdrpct
National Imagery Transmission F.ntf, nitf
NeoBook Cartooncar
Neochrome (ST & TT)neo
Neopaint Masknpm
Neopaint Stampstw
NewsRoomnsr, ph, bn
Nikon RAWnef
Nokia Group Graphicsngg
Nokia Logo Filenlm
Nokia OTA bitmapotb
Nokia Operator Logonol
OAZ Faxoaz, xfx
OS/2 Bitmapbmp, bga
Olicom Faxofx
Olympus RAWorf
Open Image Library Formatoil
Optigraphics Tiledttf
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Oric TAPtap
Os/2 Warpbga
PABX backgroundpix
PC Paint / Pictor Pagepic, clp
Page Control Languagepcl
Paint Magicpmg
PaintShopPro Browser Cache Filejbf
PaintShopPro Brushpspbrush
PaintShopPro Brushjbr
PaintShopPro Framepfr, pspframe
PaintShopPro Imagepsp, pspimage
PaintShopPro Maskpspmask
PaintShopPro Maskmsk
PaintShopPro Patternpat
PaintShopPro Picture Tubetub, psptube
PaintShopPro Texturetex
Palm Pilotpdb
Panasonic DMC-LC1 RAWsrf
Panasonic LX3 RAWrw2
Panasonic RAWbay, raw
Pegspxs, pxa
Pentax *ist Dpef
Pfs Art Publisherart
Photo Deluxepdd, pdb
Photo Filtre Studiopfi
PhotoFantasy Imagefsy
PhotoStudio Filepsf
PhotoStudio Stampstm
Picasso 64p64
Picture Gear Pocketprc
Picture It!mix
Pixar picture filepic, pxr, picio, pixar
Pixel Power Collageib7, i17, i18, if9
Planetary Data Systempds, img
Playback Bitmap Sequencebms
Pocket PC Bitmap2bp
Pocket PC Themes (images)tsk
Polychrome Recursive Formatprf
Portable Bitmappbm, rpbm, ppma
Portable Document Formatpdf
Portable Greyscalepgm, rpgm
Portable Imagepnm, rpnm, pbm, rpbm, pgm, rpgm, ppm, rppm
Portable Network Graphicspng, apng
Portable Pixmapppm, rppm
Portfolio Graphicspgf
Portfolio Graphics Compressedpgc
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PowerCard makercrd
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PowerPoint Presentation (images)ppt
Print Masterpm
Print Shoppsa, psb
Printfox/Pagefoxbs, pg, gb
Psion Series 3 Bitmappic
Psion Series 5 Bitmapmbm
Punk Productions Pictureppp
Q0q0, rgb
Qdv (Random Dot Software)qdv
Qrt Ray-Tracerqrt
Quake Texturewal
Quantel VPBvpb
QuickTime Image Formatqtif, qti
RIPTerm Imageicn
Radiancerad, img, pic
Rainbow Painterrp
Rawraw, gry, grey
Red Storm File Formatrsb
Ricoh Digital Cameraj6i
Ricoh Fax001, ric
Ricoh IS30pig
Rm2K XYZxyz
Rollei RAWrdc, ia
RoverShot RAWbay, raw
RunPaint (Multicolor)rpm
Saracen Paintsar
SBIG CCD camera ST-4st4
SBIG CCD camera ST-Xstx, st4, st5, st6, st7, st8
SciTex Continuous Tonesct, ct, ch
Seattle Film Workssfw
Seattle Film Works multi-imagepwp, sfw
SecretPhotos puzzlexp0
Sega SJ-1 DIGIOsj1
Sharp GPBimg
Siemens Mobilebmx
Sigma RAWx3f
Silicon Graphics RGBrgb, rgba, bw, iris, sgi, int, inta
Sinar RAWcs1, sti
Slow Scan Televisionhrz
SmartDraw 6 templatesdt
SmoothMove Pan Viewerpan
Softimagepic, si
Solitaire Image Recordersir
Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shotpmp
Sony DSC-F828 RAWsrf
Sony PS2 TIMtm2
Sony Playstation TIMtim
Sony RAWsr2, arw
Spectrum 512spu
Spectrum 512 (Compressed)spc
Spectrum 512 (Smooshed)sps
Stadpic, pac, seq
Star Office Gallerysdg
Stardent AVS Xx, avs, mbfs, mbfavs
Starlight Xpress SX 500x291 RAW
Stereo Imagejps
ST Micro RAWbay, raw
Structured Fax Formatsff
Sun Icon/Cursoricon, cursor, ico, pr
Sun Rasterfileras, rast, sun, sr, scr, rs
Sun TAAC fileiff, vff, suniff, taac
Syberia texturesyj
Synthetic Universesyn, synu
TI Bitmap92i, 73i, 82i, 83i, 85i, 86i, 89i
TIFF Revision 6tif, tim, tiff
TMSat imageimi
TRS 80hr
Teli Faxmh
Tinytny, tn1, tn2, tn3
TopDesign Thumbnailb3d, b2d
Total Annihilationgaf
Truevision Targatga, targa, pix, bpx, ivb
Ulead Patternpst
Ulead PhotoImpactupi
Ulead Texture (images)pe4
Usenix FaceServerfac, face
Utah raster imagerle, urt
VIPS Imagev
Venta Faxvfx
Vicarvic, vicar, img
Vidcom 64vid
Video Display Adaptervda
Vivid Ray-Tracerimg
Vue d'espritvob
WAD (Half life)wad
Wavefront Raster filerla, rlb, rpf
WebShots (images)wb1, wbc, wbp, wbz
Weekly Puzzlejig
WebPwebp, wep
WinFAXfxs, fxo, wfx, fxr, fxd, fxm
Windows & Aldus Metafilewmf
Windows Animated Cursorani
Windows Bitmapbmp, rle, vga, rl4, rl8, sys
Windows Clipboardclp
Windows Comp. Enhanced Metafileemz
Windows Compressed Metafilewmz
Windows Cursorcur
Windows DIBdib
Windows Enhanced Metafileemf
Windows Iconico
Winzle Puzzlewzl
Wireless Bitmap (level 0)wbmp, wbm, wap
Word Perfect Graphics (images)wpg
Worldport Faxwfx
X Windows System dumpxwd, x11
X11 Bitmapxbm, bm
X11 Pixmapxpm, pm
XV Visual Schnauzerp7
Xara (images)xar
Xerox DIFFxif
Xionics SMPsmp
YUV 16Bitsyuv, qtl, uyvy
YUV 16Bits Interleavedyuv, qtl, uyvy
YUV 4:1:1yuv, qtl
YUV 4:2:2yuv, qtl
YUV 4:4:4yuv, qtl
ZX Spectrum Hobetta$s, $c, !s
ZX Spectrum Snapshotsna
ZX Spectrum standard screenscr
ZZ Roughrgh
Zeiss BIVASdta
Zeiss LSMlsm
Zoner Callisto Metafile (preview)zmf
Zoner Zebra Metafile (preview)zbr
Zsoft Multi-page Paintbrushdcx
Zsoft Publisher's Paintbrushpcx, pcc, dcx