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Menu "Create"

Join images...

Split images...

"Create Splitted files, please wait..." --> "Splitting image, please wait..."

"Strip of images" --> "Join images"

"Please visit the wiki for more information." --> "Please visit the XnView wiki for more information." Note: Link to wiki should be maintained.

"Curves" --> "Curves" Note: No change

Dialog: Grid settings (View mode > View > Grid settings...)

"Save script" --> "Save current settings as a new preset"

"Remove script from list" --> "Remove selected preset"

"Categories tree is correclty imported in XnView category" --> "Category tree successfully imported into XnView categories"

"Rebuild embedded thumbnail" --> "Rebuild embedded EXIF thumbnail"

"View all icon file's as snapshot" --> "Display multi-resolution icons as snapshots"

<location filename="InfoCategoryView.cpp" line="987"> "Edit..." --> "Properties..."

"Reset XY (Not fit)" --> "Reset X/Y (No fit)"

"Click to change between width of thumbnail and number of thumbnails per column" --> "Toggle slider function: thumbnail size [pixels] or thumbnails per column"

"Path to destination does not exist." --> "Destination path does not exist."

"Force: Cannot remove destination file." --> "Warning: Cannot remove destination file"

"This operation can delete some entries from DB which have ratings, colors and/or keywords assigned. Do you want to check for these before?" --> "Warning! This operation may delete some database entries with assigned ratings/colors/keywords. Do you want to check for affected entries first?"

XnView crash reporter

"To help us at improving the software and your user experience, you can upload the report file or send it at" --> "To help improve XnView MP, please upload the report file or send it to"

"Note: this email box is used only for this matter and we don't answer to question ask through this email. Our support is done through contact page available at ..." --> "Note: This email is used for crash reports only and messages sent to it will not receive a reply. For support, please use the contact page located at..."

"(Your email is important if I need to contact you)" --> "(important in case we need to contact you)"