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General Information


Pierre-emmanuel GOUGELET



Support for XnView and related products is provided via the XnView Forum. If you have a question, problem, suggestion, bug report or other comment, please connect to the forum and post your comment(s). The forum is regularly read by XnView developers and associates, and any questions you post will receive prompt attention from them or other members of the XnView community.

The forum also contains some FAQs regarding XnView. Please look for your issue here before posting questions to the forum.

License Agreement

You agree to the installation and use of this software (XnView, Nview, Nconvert and View2) in accordance with this licence agreement and its terms below:

  • The program XnView by the author Pierre Gougelet is copyright protected.
  • XnView is free of charge or freeware for private users. Commercial users must have a valid licence. Further information and prices can be found at the Register page.
  • The author accepts no liability for damages which result from the use or improper use of the product, e.g. data loss, damages or losses of any kind.
  • You are not allowed to amend, translate, de-compile or reverse-engineer XnView or any part thereof.
  • You accept and agree to the copyrights, patents and conditions of every manufacturer and developer whose programs and algorithms are used in XnView for the writing of graphic information.

Thank you!

Many people have contributed to the development of XnView, and they all deserve thanks and appreciation.

Special Thanks

  • Igor Alikin, Volker Wiens, Mohammad Deeb, Helmut Müller, Hans Olav Haugan, Sören Gerlach

Graphic Designers

  • Yuri Mezentsev aka mezich for his great toolbar (the icons can not be used without permissions).
  • Lionel Gischler, David Marchevet, Dominique Clément, Milan Pavuk, Lim Chee Aun, Robert Pix, Olivier Parisot, Cristian Vlad, Sasha Rio

Contributors in the XnView Forum

  • Haukur Kristófer Bragason, Claude Charries, Denilson Figueiredo de Sá, Marco Gomes, Tibor Kozma, Helmut Müller, Chris Thompson, ...

Authors of the Online Help

  • Claude Charries, Helmut Müller, Ty Griffin

Translators of the Online help

  • English: Jonathan Huckle
  • French: Erwan Humbert
  • Polish: Lukasz Jakubowski
  • German: Helmut Müller

Sample Images in Online Help

  • Dias dos Reis


  • Afrikaans : Samuel Murray
  • Arabic : Mohammad Deeb
  • Basque : Axier Lopez
  • Bulgarian : Denis Ivajlov
  • Byelorussian : Alexander Gorbylev
  • Catalan : Jesús Corrius
  • Chinese simplified : Roy Yao, Alexander Yang
  • Chinese traditional : Frank Liu, Alexander Yang
  • Croatian : Josip Sinkovic
  • Czech: Petr Bohdan
  • Danish : Allan Bergmann Jensen
  • Dutch: Theo Eering, Michiel Oosterhagen
  • Estonian: Ahti Kaskpeit
  • Finnish : Jouni Paulus, Markus Kemppainen
  • Galician : Fernando Coello
  • German: Helmut Müller, Axel C. Burgbacher, Stephan Grossklass
  • Greek : Symeon Charalabides
  • Hebrew : Eitan Gilboa
  • Hungarian : Jozsef Herczeg
  • Icelandic : Svanur Pálsson
  • Italian: Armando R. La Mura, Alexandro F.Proietti
  • Japanese : Yong Wei, Motomatsu Nobuhiro
  • Korean : Kim Wooyoung
  • Latvian : Aldis Priednieks
  • Lithuanian : Linas Grinius
  • Malaysian : Ooi Ghee Tiong
  • Norwegian : Lasse Drageset, Lillian Solum
  • Polish : Sergiusz Klimkiewicz, Tomasz Fiszer
  • Portuguese : António Eduardo Marques
  • Portuguese (Brazialian) : Paulo Neto
  • Romanian : Ioan Russu
  • Russian: Alexander Gorbylev, Igor Alikin
  • Serbian : Nik Vukovljak
  • Spanish: Jorge A. Montes Pérez
  • Swedish: Olof Törnqvist, Mårten Mellberg
  • Slovak : Peter Cipov, Lucas Sivak
  • Slovene : Grega Fajdiga
  • Thaï : Thanachai Wachiraworakam
  • Turkish : Ibrahim Kutluay
  • Ukrainian : Taras Domansky
  • Vietnamese : Ton, Quang Toai & Vo, Khanh Kim Van

Trademark and Copyrights

Copyright © 1991-1998, Thomas G. Lane. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 1995, 1996 Guy Eric Schalnat, Group 42, Inc. - libpng-Versions 0.5 (May 1995) bis 0.89c (May 1996)
Copyright © 1996, 1997 Andreas Dilger - libpng-Versions 0.90 (December 1996) - 0.96 (May 1997)
Copyright © 1998, 1999 Glenn Randers-Pehrson - libpng-Versions 0.97 (January 1998) - 1.0.5 (15. October 1999)

Copyright © 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly und Mark Adler

  • JIF

Copyright © Jeff Tupper

Copyright © Unisys GmbH

Copyright © LuraTech GmbH
All images are compressed by Lurawave-Plug-in in XnView, are for private use only. Commerical use requires a licence from LuraTech GmbH. You must accept these licence terms to use Lurawave-Plug in the reading or writing of images in XnView.

Copyright © IBM, Inc.
If you use images in the JBIG format, you must obtain a licence. JBIG is a patented format.

Copyright © Earth Resource Mapping Ltd

  • J Wavelet Image Codec

The implementation of J Wavelet Image Codev is based on the work of Sasha Chukov

  • BMF

Copyright © 1999 Dmitry Shkarin

Copyright © 1998, Paralelo Computação Ltda.

Copyright © 1999-2000, Image Power, Inc. and the University of British Columbia, Canada.
Copyright © 2001 Michael David Adams.

Copyright © 2001 WaveL Software

Copyright © 2000, 2001 Gerard Juyn

Copyright © Isomeris

  • PWC

Copyright © Paul Ausbeck

  • Whypic

Copyright © Osamu YAMAJI

Copyright © 1999, LizardTech, Inc

Copyright © 1999, LizardTech, Inc

  • FIF

Copyright © Iterated Systems, Inc
Copyright © Altamira Group
Copyright © LizardTech, Inc

  • PCDlib32.dll - DC120.dll

Copyright © Eastman Kodak Company

  • cpa.dll

Copyright © Prisms

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