All Modes Shortcut Keys

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These keystrokes apply to both Browser Mode and Viewer Mode.

Function Shortcut
Select all Ctrl+A
Create strip of images Shift+A
Show/hide status bar † Ctrl+Shift+B
Open in hex mode or view in hexa Ctrl+H
Create slide show Ctrl+L
Create multi-page file Shift+M
Toggle tabs Shift+Ctrl+M
Open † Ctrl+O
Show/hide tool bar † Ctrl+Shift+T
Batch conversion Ctrl+U
Help † F1
Show image at full size * (asterisk)
Rename F2
Open with associated program F3
Open with associated editor F4
Next tab F8 (or) Ctrl+Tab
Previous tab Shift+F8 (or) Shift+Ctrl+Tab
Full screen on/off (full screen mode for browser and viewer differ in functionality) F11
Options † F12
Toggle native language and English † Ctrl+F12
Switch between languages Alt+F12
Toggle between modes * Enter

† This operation also works in Basic Mode.

* This keyboard/mouse combination is the default, but it may be customized by the user; see Tools > Options > General > Keyboard/Mouse.