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Option Description
Synchronize Browser selection with current View When you navigate between pictures in Viewer mode, currently displayed picture becomes also selected picture in Browser’s file list.
Auto refresh
Automatically select new files
Use dialog to rename file
Show tooltips If checked, move mouse pointer over image in file list and leave it there for a short moment to display a little window with basic information about image. This option also allows you to select which information is displayed in the tooltips.
Info in status bar Defines what additional information is displayed for a picture on the rightmost part of the status bar at the bottom of the XnView’s window. 'Description' is info stored in separate description file, located in the image's directory, set with 'Edit->Describe' or CTRL+D. 'Comment' is info embedded in JPEG file, set with 'Edit->Edit comment' in Viewer mode (NOT lossless).

Folder Tree

Option Description
Show Desktop in folder tree
Update Treeview when refresh
Single click to expand folder tree
Auto collapse
Single click to rename
Use label in tab