Browser Mode Shortcut Keys

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Function Shortcut
Copy selected items into Alt+C
Quit Ctrl+Q
Move selected items into Alt+M
Import clipboard Ctrl+Shift+V
Properties Alt+Enter (or) Ctrl+E
Show text file Ctrl+Shift+A
Batch Convert Ctrl+U
Copy selected files Ctrl+C
Close Ctrl+W
Paste Ctrl+Shift+C
Delete selected files Del
Describe Ctrl+D
Stop thumbnails creation Esc
Search Ctrl+F
Show/Hide Folder Tree Ctrl+Shift+F
Create web page Ctrl+G
Refresh F5 (or) Shift+R
Refresh (rebuild thumbnails) Ctrl+R
New Folder F7
Slideshow Ctrl+L
Toggle Views F9
Sequence convert Ctrl+N
Show HexaView for unknown file Ctrl+Shift+N
Print Ctrl+P
Show/Hide folder tree Ctrl+Shift+F
Show/Hide preview Ctrl+Shift+P
Start Slide Show Pause
Show favorites menu Ctrl+F1 (or) F6
Stop Slide Show Esc
Up one level in directory tree Backspace
Quick Slide Show Space *
Tag/untag Ctrl+T, Insert, Space
Set rating Ctrl+Numpad 1/2/3/4/5
Colour label Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 1/2/3/4/5
Remove Rating Ctrl+Numpad 0
Remove Colour label Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 0
Folder history - move back/forward Alt+left / Alt+right
Open in external program Alt+2, Alt+3 ...
Generate file listing Shift+L (or) Ctrl+M

* This keyboard/mouse combination is the default, but it may be customized by the user; see Tools > Options > General > Keyboard/Mouse.