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File List

Option Description
Loop on the file list If this option is checked, images in current file list (like selected files or files in active directory) are displayed in a loop (i.e. using Next file on the last file skips to first file in the list, and using Previous file on the first file skips to last file.)
Go to next image when deleting current If checked, after deleting file, next file is displayed. Otherwise, the deleted file is still displayed. This refers only to windowed Viewer mode. In Full screen mode, after deleting file always next file is displayed, or if last picture in file list is deleted, Viewer mode is closed.
Play sound If checked, when browsing through file list in Viewer mode, sound files are played. Otherwise they are skipped.
Play movie If checked, when browsing through file list in Viewer mode, movie files are played. Otherwise, they are skipped.
Read one image ahead When displaying image, read to memory next image in file list, to speed up browsing.
Keep current image in cache When displaying image, keep previous image is memory. This allows for fast browsing back to previous image.
Recognize only by extension This option is used only in Thumbnail and Detailed modes. If checked, file types are recognized only by filename extensions. Otherwise, they are recognized also by file header contents. Generally, file recognition feature tells XnView type of file (like image, movie etc.; in case of images- also which type of image it is, like JPG). This information is then used by XnView in all places, where it has to determine action to perform for a file basing on its file type (like viewing a file). Currently assigning file types to XnView file categories (which you can see for example on Options->Files displayed page) is hardcode in XnView, so you can't. decide that some exotic sound format should be treated as Audio file. The catch-all category is Other, where belong all files not falling into any other category.
Show hidden files If checked, file list displays also files with Hidden attribute set. Otherwise, these files are not visible in file list.
Scan file headers in folders This option is used only in List and Icons modes. This option defines for which locations file headers (small part of file content) are scanned, in order to determine file type.
Auto refresh Automatically detects any changes in displayed directory (file additions/deletions/changes) and modifies file list accordingly.
Use Colour Mark image files with colors depending on image type. Works for Detail, List and Icon modes. Colors are not configurable. Files are coloured only when image header is read, defined by Recognize only by extension and Scan file headers in folders. Headers are also scanned when creating thumbnails.
Automatically select new files Files added out of XnView to displayed directory are automatically selected. Already selected files, if any, are deselected.
Show grid lines If checked, items in Details and Thumbnails & Details views are displayed in a grid, separating every item and every column. Otherwise, they are displayed on a plain background.
Full row select If selected, in Details mode, clicking an item selects a whole row of data. Otherwise, only filename is selected.