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Option Description
Only one instance If XnView is running, and you try to start it again, what do you want to happen? If this option is not checked, then a second (and third and fourth, etc.) XnView session will be opened when you so request it. By checking this option, on the other hand, you prevent that from happening, and there will only ever been one XnView session working.
Display all image file types See the discussion on Displayed Files.
Rotate images based on EXIF orientation
Use EXIF DPI information if exists
Adjust zoom if X/Y DPI are different
Disable GIF/JIF/ANI animation
After 'Save As,' change filename
Use ICC Embedded Profit (JPEG/TIFF)
Launch Browser at Startup
Startup Directory
Maximize XnView at Startup
Mode when starting with a file

File Operations

Option Description
Confirm file delete
Delete to Recycle Bin
Go to next image when deleting current
For 'Save As,' use same original pathname & format
If no extension, add it
For Copy/Move, use companion file
Keep date/time for saving


Option Description
If no files are selected, use following files for actions
Slide Show Which files to use if slide show is started and no files are selected in file list.
Convert Which files to use if Convert function is used and no files are selected in file list.