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Image size and other information can be displayed in several ways.

In File > Open dialog box

Select an image using the File > Open dialog. Before the image is opened and displayed in the Viewer window, a summary of image information is presented in the dialog box.

In Browser status bar

Select an image in the XnView Browser using a mouse-click. The image's file size and colour depth is displayed in the status bar; an image with a height of 200 pixels, a width of 320 pixels, and a colour depth of 24 bits is displayed, for example, as "320x200x24" .

As Tooltip

Rest the mouse pointer over the image, and then after a short time the tooltip is displayed with information such as image size, colour depth, and so on.

Using the Properties dialog

  • Select an Image in the Browser with a mouse click.
  • Open the context menu using the right mouse button and select the menu item Properties , or use the key combination Ctrl+E. The dialog Properties is displayed with various information on the image.
  • The Esc key or Cancel button closes the dialog.

Custom Information ( View Mode & FullScreen Mode)

Use the shortcut key: "i" to show/hide the custom information
Set here: Options\View\Fullscreen\ Show Information...

Code Example:

<File Index> *** "i" Shortcut=INFO "Pause"= TIMER ON/OFF***
<Directory><Filename With Ext>
((Year Month Day Hour IPTC: <IPTC:Created Date>))
<Make> <Model>
<Width>x<Height>_<Bpp>_DPI:<DPI> ((<Size KB>ko))
((<Focal Length>mm)) ((f/<F-Number>)) ((<Exposure Time>s)) ((<ISO Value>iso)) <Flash>
((EXIF Date: <Date Taken [a d b Y H:M]>))
((Lat.:<Latitude><Latitude Ref>))
((Long.:<Longitude><Longitude Ref>))
((Alt.: <Haltitude><Haltitude Ref>))
TAG(t):<Tag status>
((zoom: <Zoom>))

Custom Information ( Browser Mode)

View\View as "Thumbnails&Labels"
Set here: Options\Browser\Thumbnails\ Thumbnail Label...


Code Example:

<Width>x<Height>_<Bpp>_DPI:<DPI> ((<Size KB>ko))