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Option Description
Language Language of XnView user interface (buttons, lables, menus etc.)
Always on Top When activated, XnView stays on top of all other windows even when not being the active window.
Use different position/size for browser & view
Remember last windows position/size
Use XP style menu When activated, the menus are more narrow, the checkmark-area (narrow left column) has another background color than the menu item texts (wide right column), and in view - layout the checkmark appears, elsewise it does not.
Add 'exit' to context menus
Hide tab bar when only one window is opened When activated, the tab bar is not shown when only one window/tab is active so tab switching is not possible anyway, resulting in saved screen space.
No thumbnail in tab Next to a tab title, a thumbnail of the tab's content can be shown helping to distinguish the tabs.
Use window theme style for tabs
Limit tab caption to 32 characters Longer image names are cut and "..." added to the end. Helps to keep tabs quickly selectable as it ensures a bigger amount of tabs is accessible without scrolling in the tab bar.
Show 'Most recently used Files' in File menu Shows the files you were using last in File menu.
Show 'Most recently used Files' in submenu Shows the files not in the File menu, but rather shows them in a sub menu of File menu, which stays shorter.
Purge 'Most recently used Files & Directories' on exit Forget the file list, directories and batch rename templates on exit or not?
Purge now Manually trigger forgetting the file list.