Multiple Images Per Page

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Sometimes you may want to print a specific image several times on one page, such as a passport photo. XnView does not provide this function specifically, but you can be resourceful and clever to create/print a page like this:


Here are the steps:

  • Make two copies of your passport photo or other original image. You can use MS Explorer or XnView to copy the file.
  • Then use Create > Strip of Images to merge your original and the two copies horizontally. The resulting image will look like this:
[1] + [1] + [1]
  • Save the resulting image. Since you want to keep good quality, you should save in a lossless format such as PNG or BMP. The resulting image might be large, but you will delete it later, after printing.
  • Make two copies of the image that you have just created and saved in the previous step. Again, you can use XnView or MS Explorer for this.
  • Again use Create > Strip of Images to merge the three images together, this time vertically.

Print and/or save your result. When saving, you can use a lossy format like JPEG.

  • Delete the interim files created in these steps.