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XnView offers a variety of functions to display and process images. Here is a list of the most important functions:

  • XnView can process a variety of picture formats. XnView can read over 500 Supported File Formats, including all common formats such as GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO and Camera RAW.
  • The XnView Browser is similar to Windows Explorer. It lets you navigate the directory structure, displaying all pictures in the current directory in a miniature view (thumbnails). Images can be double-clicked to be opened for larger viewing, editing and other operations.
  • Standard file operations such as the copying, moving and deleting of files can be performed while in the Browser.
  • XnView can edit IPTC on JPEG & TIFF
  • XnView can display pictures in a configurable Slide Show. You can also display pictures directly from CDs (Self-Starting Slide-Shows from CD), creating an electronic photograph album.
  • Various image Filters and effects are available to control sharpness, glass effect, colour exchange etc.
  • Copy complete pictures or just parts of them to and from the Clipboard.
  • Open and exchange pictures with other applications using Drag & Drop.
  • XnView can convert a list of images from one format to another, such as BMP to JPG, using Batch Conversion., and can simultaneously apply one or more image filters and effects.
  • The resize function can be used to increase or decrease image size as required.
  • Create Contact Sheet can be used to make miniatures of your pictures.
  • Retrieve and display important Image Information such as size and colour density in a number of different ways.
  • XnView supports Scanners and Digital Cameras directly using the TWAIN protocol.
  • Use Create Web Page to make HTML pages with pictures including Navigation and Preview.
  • XnView can play the most popular sound files such as "midi" (*.mid -- *.rmi) "Wave" (*.wav), or MP3 (*.mp3).
  • Rotate or flip JPEG images with no loss of information (JPG Lossless Transformations).
  • Remove Red Eyes.
  • XnView can join images horizontally or vertically with Create Strip of Images (also called "panorama" images).
  • XnView is extremely flexible and allows a high degree of optimisation and default settings. This means it is easily tailored to individual needs and preferences.
  • XnView can together with Total Commander® be used as a file administration tool.