Red Eyes Correction

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Using a digital camera does not mean you escape from the well-known "red eye" problem caused by camera flashes. XnView provides the ability to remove the unwanted and unsightly red eye with the following steps:

  • Zoom into the image so that you can clearly see the red eye. The more you zoom in the better, since you can make the selection in the next step more easily.
  • Select the area of the image where you would like to apply the correction. The smaller the area the better; choose one eye as opposed to both.
  • Choose Red Eye Correction from the Image menu. XnView changes all red pixels to gray.
  • Repeat these steps until all occurrences of red eye are removed.

Redeyes-1.png Redeyes-2.png


If parts of the image are inadvertently changed (for example, red lips become gray), or you are not happy with the results, then undo the modification and select a smaller area.