Strip of Images

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The terms "panorama image" and "strip of images" are both used in XnView, and they mean the same thing: a group ("strip") of images joined either horizontally or vertically to form a larger, single image. For example, here is a strip created from five images:


To create a strip of images:

  • From the Create menu, choose Strip of Images.
  • In the dialog box, add the images using the Add button. The selected files appear in the File List. Note that if you have selected your images in the browser window before calling Strip of Images, those images will be automatically inserted into the file list displayed in the dialog box.
  • Change the order in which the images appear as needed, using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
  • Choose whether to have a horizontal (next to each other) or a vertical (one above the other ) alignment, using either the Horizontal Adjustment or the Vertical Adjustment buttons.
  • Check the Automatically adjust height or width button to make sure that your final strip of images has a uniform size in the dimension in which the images are not being combined.
  • Create the combined image by pressing the Create button, or abort the procedure with the Cancel button.