Viewer Mode Shortcut Keys

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Function Shortcut
Zoom in (make larger) + (plus)
Show/hide Tool Bar Ctrl+Shift+T
Zoom out (make smaller) - (minus)
Show/hide Status Bar Ctrl+Shift+B
Zoom to original size * (asterisk)
Show/hide pixel info Ctrl+Shift+I
Zoom lock (for next image) Ctrl+/
Show/hide file spec info I
Fit image to window, all / (slash)
Fit image to window width Numpad 1
Fit window to image Ctrl+T
Fit image to window height Numpad 3

Note: The four punctuation characters mentioned (plus, minus, asterisk, slash) may be entered either from the numeric pad or the non-numpad keys.

Orientation and Position

Function Shortcut
Rotate -90° (counterclockwise) Shift+L (or) Shift+Left Arrow
Rotate -90 lossless (JPEG) (counterclockwise) Ctrl+Shift+L (or) Ctrl+Left Arrow
Rotate +90° (clockwise) Shift+R (or) Shift+RightArrow
Rotate +90 lossless (JPEG) (clockwise) Ctrl+Shift+R (or) Ctrl+Right Arrow
Horizontal flip Shift+H
Vertical Flip Shift+V
Move image Numpad 2, 4, 5, 6, 8
Center image Numpad 0


Function Shortcut
Canvas Size Shift+C
Edit Multipage TIFF Ctrl+J
Show Mask M
Create contact sheet Ctrl+K
Resize Shift+S
Slideshow Ctrl+L
Add Text Shift+T
Edit colormap Ctrl+M
Automatic crop Shift+Y
Sequence Convert Ctrl+N
Copy file into Alt+C
Reopen Ctrl+R (or) F5
Move file into Alt+M
Paste Ctrl+V
Select all Ctrl+A
Save Ctrl+S
Browse Ctrl+B
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Copy Ctrl+C
Batch Convert Ctrl+U
Describe Ctrl+D
Import clipboard Ctrl+Shift+V
Red Eyes correction Ctrl+E
Cut Ctrl+X
Search Ctrl+F
Crop Ctrl+Y
Adobe Photoshop Plugin Ctrl+G
Undo Ctrl+Z
Edit IPTC Ctrl+I
Delete selected items Del
Lossless JPEG crop Ctrl+Shift+Y


Function Shortcut
First File Home
Last File End
Next File PageDown
Next Page Shift+PageDown
Previous File PageUp
Previous Page Shift+PageUp


Function Shortcut
Force selection ratio to be same as image D
Force selection ratio to "Custom" C
Free selection ratio from any restrictions A
Swap selection's height and width TAB

Brightness, Contrast, Gamma

Function Shortcut
Adjust Brightness / Contrast / Gamma Shift+E
Brightness increase Ctrl+Numpad 7
Brightness decrease Ctrl+Numpad 1
Brightness reset Ctrl+Numpad 4
Contrast increase Ctrl+Numpad 8
Contrast decrease Ctrl+Numpad 3
Contrast reset Ctrl+Numpad 5
Gamma increase Ctrl+Numpad 9
Gamma decrease Ctrl+Numpad 3
Gamma reset Ctrl+Numpad 6
Reset brightness and contrast and gamma Ctrl+Numpad 0